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Exhibition (New International Expo Center)

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Exhibition (New International Expo Center)


Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and materials exhibition

Date: August 26th to 28th ,2015


Venue: New International Expo Center
For the exhibition on August 26th to 28th ,2015, all the staff of our company actively cooperated, carefully prepared, repeatedly tested to show our best in front of you.
Although it was the hottest days in 2015, from the beginning to the end of the exhibition, we checked one by one to show our best Systence to you.
These days, we strictly selected and invited the best miss manners for distributing the company's materials and gifts to everyone.
Of course, the most difficult is the our sales department colleagues. Every day from early to late, they went back and forth between Pudong and Jiading. They faced the challenge of everyday with the best apperance. We should praise for their careful explanation and patient demonstration.
Overall, the 2015 exhibition was very successful.We will work harder and continue to show a different Systence to you.



















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