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Occupation communication and business influence course

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Occupation communication and business influence course(February 27th, Systence training)

2016 Systence occupation communication and business influence course:

The purpose of the project: client communicate and occupation communication course is a custom training program for manufacturing industry service engineer. The goal is to improve the employees’ client and occupation communication skills and professional emotional quotient and influence.
Customer background: manufacturing industry, the main business is the mechanical equipment assembly
Training target: a total of 20 service engineers.
Customer requirements:
1.Site communication between service engineer and customer (site installation and commissioning)
2.Self emotional management in the work
3.Staff internal communication
Training form: Enterprise Education Theater (Training Workshop)
Enterprise education theater directly adopts the conflicting business scenarios that often met by the students, directly faces the problem, solves the problem on the spot, use while learning. It is a kind of high efficiency training method which combines theory with practice.
Students focus on experiencing the specific professional scenarios, directly master the method from the action, and change the mode of thinking and emotion to form a occupation education mode with good occupation habits.
Course objectives:
1.Improve students’ skills to communicate with customers, improve the quality of the field service.
2.Improve students’ occupation communication skills , improve the communication skills within the organization.
3.Through the enterprise education theater, let the students have a profound emotional experience, and master the emotional management techniques.
4.Improve students' professional emotional quotient, let them learn the techniques of managing self and others’ emotions.
It is a great honor for us to invite He Yang teacher. He is the director of Chinese education consulting co., LTD, training director of Huangpu youth association, national secondary psychological consultant, management psychologist, and master of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He served as Shanghai continuing education center director of Zhejiang University economics college, senior training consultant of CIIC group, senior consultant of Confucius College E-Learning project , etc. He has more than 20 years working experience.
This course was a rare opportunity, which let us have a lot of progress not only in communication with customers, but also in private communication between persons. We seemed to know more about how to see, how to do, and how to communicate.
Not only our engineers were actively involved in this course, our leaderships also actively cooperated to demonstrate for us and exchange experience.
Of course, this course was not the same with the usual work. We specially prepared tea and snacks for you.
Thank you for giving us this unforgettable course. I think this lesson is useful for our whole life.


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