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PROMESS Shanghai technical support center provides a wide range of technical support:

1 Process evaluation

2 Sample test

3 Component selection (PROMESS components and other peripheral electrical and mechanical components)

4 Installation and debugging

5 Training (customer site or SYSTENCE)

6 Trouble shooting

7 Emergency services


Assembly and inspection processing services

  More and more industries require multiple varieties, small batch and high quality for its manufacturers in assembly and inspection. This trend means high cost and uncertain profit expectations for part of the manufacturing enterprises. Assembly and inspection processing services provided by PROMESS enable the manufacturers to remove the worries. Our assembly and testing OEM can help customers to better complete the Pro-type, OTS, PPAP, SOP and other work of new products. For research and development center, the development of new products requires a lot of trial production to determine the design of the mature, the final determination of the process also requires a certain number of trial production. PROMESS will provide you with this kind of help. We have the international first-class quality electronic press, screw machine and other equipment. Our accumulated experience in the field of automation is committed to providing customers with the quality assurance of European synchronization. Assembly and inspection process data of each product will be provided to the customer. If you need this service, please make an appointment with us.

       We are proud of our service. PROMESS is not only an equipment supplier, we have been providing customers with all kinds of application support. Your smallest problem is our biggest concern. If you need PROMESS, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to discuss with you. If you need other materials, such as technical manuals, user manuals, drawings, etc., please contact us.

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